Free Advice Clinic

Free basic advice for organisations and individuals in

Sports, Entertainment, and Start-ups.


Due to and during the impact of COVID-19, Game Legal will provide one-off free legal advice to people and organisations in the Sports, Entertainment, and Start-up sectors about a range of legal issues.

Qualifying matters:

For eligible clients, we can advise on:


In the Free Advice Clinic we will not consider applications for matters that require us to review, consider, or advise on - family law, criminal law, litigation, tax, or any other matter not included in our range of Legal and Integrity Services


Eligible clients will be provided with:

  1. review and consideration of the qualifying legal matter,

  2. emailed basic advice with recommendations and options (as appropriate) to consider, and

  3. 15 minute follow-up video or telephone conference.


For the above range of qualifying legal issues, you will be eligible for consideration to be included in the Game Legal Free Advice Clinic if you:

  1. are an individual for Australian taxation purposes or a company registered in Australia that,

  2. works in:

    1. sports​, or

    2. entertainment / the creative sector, or

    3. a start-up (a company in the early stages of its development, within the first 2 years of commercial operations), and 

  3. are based in Australia​, with operations mainly in Australia, and 

  4. have been severely affected by the impact of the government sanctions in response to the global spread COVID-19 to the extent that their ongoing operations have been threatened or rendered insolvent, and

  5. need legal advice in relation to the qualifying legal matters listed above, and

  6. cannot afford to pay legal fees, and

  7. without being provided with legal advice of the kind being sought in the following application you would not be able to continue operations or pivot operations to new models and/or revenue streams, and

  8. those continued operations or new models and streams of revenue have a reasonable prospect of success.


Game Legal reserves the right to consider and evaluate eligibility in its sole discretion and all decisions are final.

Individuals and organisations who are not considered eligible for the Game Legal Free Advice Clinic are encouraged to consider alternate sources of legal assistance and advice, including Game Legal's range of paid legal services. All such matters, as well as adherence to time limits, are the sole responsibility of the individual or organisation.


On the above basis, and subject to our terms and conditions, should you wish to apply for the Game Legal free Advice Clinic, please complete the application form below: 

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Thanks for submitting.  We will review your request for eligibility and respond within a few days, depending upon our resource capability and capacity.