Terms & Conditions

Terms of engagement through our Free Advice Clinic.

We refer to your application for us to provide you with legal services through our pro bono program that provides for a discount of up to 100% on our fees for legal services in a matter (Game Legal Free Advice Clinic), which we will consider.

If we accept your application for us to provide you with free basic advice, this webpage, and the attached general terms of business, set out our offer to enter into a costs agreement with you. If you accept this offer, these terms and the general terms of business will form our costs agreement with you for this matter (Costs Agreement) and you will be bound by the terms of the Costs Agreement in line with the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW) (Act).

1    Scope of work

If accepted by us, you have asked us to work on:


(a) reviewing information in your recent application, including any attached documents; and

(b) providing a basic legal advice to you, setting out the legal aspects of your matter, how they relate to you specifically, and simple steps to consider as your options going forward. (together, Initial Work).


Our scope of work for this matter will include the Initial Work ONLY.

Each request for pro bono assistance must be considered on a case by case basis and you should not assume that we will undertake any pro bono work additional to that stated in this webpage.

Where an application for free advice is rejected, you are given the option to request legal services from Game Legal on a paid basis, where we engage in a seperate costs agreement, Game Legal completes the work on the agreed basis, and you pay the resulting invoice.

2    Our team

Mathew Jessep, Principal will be the partner responsible for this matter. Our other key team members may be sourced from appropriate legal volunteers from time to time.

We will review the resourcing required from time to time and we may make changes to our team.

3    Estimate of our legal costs and how they will be calculated

As this matter may be approved within our Free Advice Clinic, we will not charge you fees for our professional services. In addition, we will waive our internal out-of-pocket expenses (eg internal disbursements such as telephone, facsimile and photocopying charges) required to complete our scope of work.

You will be liable to pay (or reimburse us) for any external out-of-pocket expenses (eg external disbursements, such as registration and lodgement fees and counsel’s fees) that we incur with others on your behalf, should any such expenses be agreed by you beforehand.

4    Disclosure for the purposes of promotion

Provision of pro bono assistance in this matter is through our Free Advice Clinic. We promote our Pro Bono Program both internally and externally to highlight the positive work performed by our firm in the area of pro bono legal services and social responsibility, and to encourage engagement by staff in the Free Advice Clinic.

We confirm your consent without further notice to mention your name and how we have assisted you in our internal communications to staff. From time to time, we may also seek your express consent to mention your name and how we have assisted you in our Annual Report and other external communications or publications about our pro bono activities. We will not do so without your express consent.

If you have any concerns about this, please do not hesitate to discuss them with us.

5    Standard Terms of Engagement

This letter must be read with our attached General Terms of Business, which contain terms that will apply to our engagement by you in this matter and in any subsequent matters.

If your matter has been approved for pro bono assistance, not all of our terms and conditions relating to costs and billing will apply to your matter. Our General Terms of Business are modified to the extent expressly stated in this webpage and any annexures to this webpage.

6    What are your rights?

These include the right to:

(a)  negotiate a costs agreement with us;

(b)  request and receive reports in this matter; and

(c)  be notified of any substantial change to our costs or estimates.

7  Termination of retainer

In addition to the matters set out in [insert clause], we may terminate our engagement if your circumstances change such that we no longer consider you fall within our Pro Bono Program. However, we reserve the right to renegotiate our retainer with you if an agreement can be reached on the revised terms of our engagement.

8   Acceptance of this offer

If your application is approved by us, you accept this offer via your submission of your initial application online.

If you would like to discuss our engagement or our legal costs in this matter, please contact us via the link below.

If approved, we look forward to working with you on this matter.

General Terms of Business