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Pop Culture

"All I've ever wanted to do is move the needle on popular culture."
Jimmy Iovine
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Pop Culture Legal

We advise and assist film producers, artists, authors, creatives, podcasters, streamers, other content creators, and tech start-ups.


Pop Culture

Gaming, Media, Tech, Online, Brands & IP, Content, Art & Fashion

We work with clients in the Media, Tech, Internet, Brand, TV, Music, Film, Art, and Fashion industries on the unique issues they face, in order to minimise their risks and maximise their opportunities.

In these spaces we assist clients including multi-national corporations, individual content streamers and producers, media companies, film producers, creative talent, independent studios, bands and solo artists, authors, photographers, designers, retailers, art galleries and artists with regard to the following issues effecting those creating and driving Pop Culture:

Law:  we advise and assist clients in relation to the legal issues of real world and online content creation, product development, and design.

Integrity:  we deliver integrity management services to content creators, helping to ensure they comply with regulations and protect the use of their creations.

​Consulting:  we help with research, strategy, planning and the execution of growth programs in for content, product, and brand creators. 

Education:  we develop and deliver training programs to skill up content creators on legal and integrity issues in their world. 


Recent Experience


Assisted and advised a content creator and streamer on their platform agreement, endorsements, and agency agreement. Advised on the establishment of their company.

Clothing Designer

Advised a clothing designer previously operating as a sole trader on corporate structuring, the incorporation of their company, and the protection and commercialisation of their intellectual property.


Advised on copyright and licensing issues.

Film Producers

Assisted and advised the Producers of a feature length film with Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance for theatrical release and distribution.


Script writer/creator

Assisted the script writer/creator of a web-based TV series with advice and advocacy regarding an alleged copyright claim.


Publishing/Author Agent

Advised and represented the long-standing agent of a prominent published author on the dissolution of the agreement between the parties and the treatment of residual rights in relation to a film deal and other rights.

SAAS Developer

Assisted and advised a software developer client on trademark breach allegations from a global CRM provider.

Web Design Agency

Drafted and settled a commercial agreement covering design services provided to an online e-commerce vendor offering online shopfronts based upon my client’s designed templates.

IT Start-Up

Advice and representation to a start-up tech company on the breakdown of an undocumented employee shareholder plan.



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