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Australian Made week 2022 - proud to be 100% Australian

This week is 'Australian Made Week' and we are proudly 100% made in Australia - 100% Australian owned and operated.

While formally a time to celebrate and support Australia's local makers and growers all around the country, it's also important to support 100% Aussie service providers. Game Legal | Game Consulting is an Australian service provider to clients in the sports, esports, and broader business sectors, and we are not owned by or operated by any offshore foreign law firm or consulting business. Our amazing clients are supporting an Australian business, Australian jobs, and the Australian economy. When you buy Australian, you support Australia – you create jobs and economic activity. When buying products, look for the Australian Made logo when you shop to be sure its genuinely Aussie. (As we do not make or produce products, we are not registered with The Australian Made Campaign Limited and we make no representations as such, including in relation to any 'Australian Made' trade marks.) #wegotgame #madeinaustralia #sportslawyer

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