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Legal Internship Program placed on hold

Please find following a message from Principal, Mat Jessep, on the previously launched Legal Internship Program:

"Unfortunately, due to the effects of the global pandemic created by COVID-19, and its impact on the sports industry, over the past several weeks or so I have experienced an effect on my dedicated sports law practice, Game Legal (and sports consulting business, Game Consulting).  As such, I am placing my plans for the previously announced paid legal internship program on hold.

I am reluctant to do this as my goal with the internship program was always to help promote sports law as a profession through the direct development of members of the next generation of young lawyers experienced in the legal issues unique to sports. However, market forces have out-muscled my professional development goals for the sports law area for now.

I don't want this to make any of the applicants lose sight of a career in sports law if that is what they are determined to achieve.  From my own experience, having graduated as a mature-aged lawyer during the GFC, with a wife and two kids to try and support, right now I would recommend sheer will and perseverance in the pursuit of one's goals despite the external environment.

This thing is bigger than sports. But the sports industry will rebuild and will need the support of the experienced eyes and steady hands of dedicated sports lawyers more than ever. When that time comes, I will be sure to revise this postponement and make a further announcement.

What I have offered to do in the meantime is to provide mentorship to several applicants who might like to open up a dialogue with me and discuss this thing we call 'sports law'.

I have thanked all applicants and wish them the very best for their futures. If anyone is looking for young legal talent, please do let me know.

Stay safe, stay home, take care,


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