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Mat Jessep appointed to AOC Pro Bono Lawyer list for 2020

We're happy to announce that our principal lawyer, Mat Jessep, has been included on the Australian Olympic Committee’s Pro Bono Lawyer Referral List for 2020.

Mat looks forward to supporting Australian athletes and national sporting federations on a pro bono basis in relation to AOC Appeals Tribunal processes regarding nominations and/or selections for the Tokyo 2020 Australian Olympic Team. 

This marks the second successive summer games that Mat has been included on the AOC's Pro Bono Referral List and he looks to be of continued service to Australia's athletes and NSOs as they fulfil years of work and strive to represent themselves and the nation in Tokyo.

This voluntary appointment also confirms Mat's commitment to sports law. As an experienced sports disputes lawyer, having also served on tribunals as a member and president, as well as working as a judiciary counsel, this cements Mat's work in assisting athletes and sporting organisations in the aim of ensuring procedural fairness in the resolution of sports disputes.

For more information, please feel free to contact Mat via the AOC’s 'Games Hub'.

(This appointment does not create or infer any association between Mat Jessep or Game Legal with the AOC, the IOC, the Olympic Movement, or the Olympic Games.)


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