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Mat Jessep appointed as 'Sport Integrity & Ethics' Lecturer at Victoria University, Melbourne

We are pleased to announce that Game Legal principal, Mat Jessep, has been appointed as a Sessional Academic at Victoria University in Melbourne where he will be the Lecturer in the 'Sport Integrity & Ethics' postgraduate course.

This appointment confirms Mat's commitment to sports law and integrity, the Melbourne sports market, and his growing role as a sports and esports legal and business academic, with other roles as a Senior Fellow of Melbourne Law School and Casual Academic at the University of Technology Sydney Business School.

Lectures commence on Wednesday 26 February in VU's Flinders City campus. Students taking the Sport Integrity & Ethics class do so as part of the following courses:

  • Master of Sport Business and Integrity

  • Master of Sports Science (Football Performance)

  • Graduate Certificate in Sport Integrity

  • Graduate Certificate in Sports Science (Football Performance)

  • Graduate Diploma in Sport Business and Integrity

Contact us for information on Sports Integrity and our services, including integrity reviews, policies, and reports.

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